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Why invest in self storage?

Focusing expertise and experience on this niche has yielded, and will continue to yield, excellent cash flow returns and property value appreciation for the clients of The TyMac Group LLC.

The self-storage niche is currently underserved, unlike certain other property types, and as such represents the next window of opportunity in highly profitable real estate investment.

The increasing number of renters drives demand for self-storage. Renters move more frequently than homeowners, and urbanization pushes renters into the city, with smaller and denser housing and limited storage space. This translates into increasing demand for self-storage facilities.

The self-storage industry is booming; there are more than 54,000 self-storage facilities in the US being used by nearly 1 in 10 Americans and generating $33 billion in revenue. What’s even better news for potential investors is that this demand is rising every day.

Many millennials, the largest demographic group in the U.S., continue to delay homeownership and remain renters. Factors like frequent relocation, urbanization pushing renters into cities, and smaller housing with limited storage space all contribute to a higher demand for self-storage facilities.

Even homeowners are contributing to the demand for self-storage rentals; baby boomers are downsizing and in need of more storage space for their belongings, and more small and medium-sized businesses are relying on storage facilities to hold their goods and equipment.

In addition to the high demand, rental income from storage units make for a steady cash flow, operating costs remain low, and the facilities are low-maintenance and easy to flip. All of these factors make the self-storage industry an increasingly attractive asset for larger institutional investors. This will inevitably lead to an upsurge in property values, creating incredible investment opportunities for individuals.

Investing in self storage will allow you to grow your retirement nest egg, lower risk by diversifying your investment portfolio, and give you peace of mind knowing that your investment dollars are hard at work in one of the best asset classes in the commercial industry.

What TyMac can do for you

At TyMac Group LLC, we’re committed to filling the underserved self-storage niche and creating worthwhile investing opportunities, excellent cash flow returns, and incredible value appreciation for our partners by finding the best properties that fit our acquisition criteria.

If you’re looking to expand your investment portfolio, we can help you see that through with quality self-storage acquisitions; our team will present you with well-researched, highly sought after investment opportunities for your consideration. We have the expertise, the experience, and the knowledge to take advantage of the most advanced revenue building methods and provide you with strong and consistent investment returns.

Not only do we work with partners to achieve the best profit from self-storage investment, but we also pride ourselves in our ability to provide an optimal investing experience. At TyMac, personal concern, open communication, and attention to detail are some of our top priorities. When you partner with us, you’re not only investing in self-storage, but in a strong, long-lasting relationship as well.


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