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Our Focus


Our Focus

At TyMac Group LLC, we’re focused on filling the self-storage investment niche. Our hard-working, focused team has a wealth of knowledge and 18+ years of experience to ensure that each potential acquisition is appraised to its true value.

We’re highly cognizant of the unique opportunities each acquisition presents, we know how to avoid any potential pitfalls at hand, and we’re experts at properly assessing each risk/return ratio--that’s why we’re industry leaders in our region.

TyMac’s Winning Strategy

We’ve gained a complete understanding of the long-term housing trends and we know how to assess the self-storage feasibility in any given area, thanks to thorough research and a market study we’ve conducted. With this knowledge, The Tymac Group LLC is able to assess the ideal timing of each opportunity, and our carefully-conducted formula allows us to reap maximum returns with minimal investment risks.

Here’s how it works: we make sure we purchase well-located raw land that’s large enough to build on and in high demand self storage markets - those are areas with high traffic, great visibility, and a high concentration of baby boomers, like South Eastern states. We hire expert third party management companies to keep our rates competitive, and we develop highly affordable storage properties with advanced technology. Then, we refinance or sell the property so that we can provide our investors with outstanding returns.

The bottom line is that we’re focused on creating recession-resistant investment opportunities that yield high returns for investment partners. It all comes down to using intelligent market evaluation at both macroscopic and microscopic levels along with realistic, risk-averse property analysis to make bold investment decisions with minimal risk.


Learn more about investing in self-storage units. We will help you every step of the way.